For the past year, Jay Bel has been releasing singles at his own, steady pace in preparation for a full-length project. After a string of impressive singles, he returns today with the official release of his debut EP Bohemia. 

The 20-year old, Brooklyn-native delivers this 7-track EP as a proper introduction to the broad range of his own personal sound. On previous singles with like “TransEuro” with fellow Sleepercamp member Jimi Tents and “Pyano,” Jay Bel offered up smooth lyricism over hypnotic rhythms that urged listeners to reflect.

That same vibe carries on throughout Bohemia and is matched with a few additional elements to help round out the project. Tracks like the relatable “Bullshit” demands attention with its knocking bass, while “BGL” offers a hook that’s hard to deny.

Though still early in his career, Jay Bel is working to carve out a lane made to fit his transformative style. “I’d consider myself a melting pot of influences,” says Jay. “Which is the reason I’m considered to some as sonically different/weird, but that’s what I want. I want to introduce a new kind of groovy-wave/sing-rap/new age type of music.”

Listen to Bohemia in full below.