Being a classically trained singer seems like an advantage for any singer, but it can be hard to turn that schooling into a pop career. That’s what London-based singer Alyss is doing and so far, she’s doing it well. Her debut release “The Talking Palm Tree” has already racked up 100,000 plays on Spotify, and she’s keeping up the momentum with another new song today.

“In Your Hands” features silky production with minimal instrumentation besides flourishes of synths and touches of percussion. But that’s all the track truly needs, because it’s Alyss’ soulful vocals that drive this song.

As for the message, Alyss says the song is about learning to let go:

“When the need to hold becomes the reason to let go; a surrender to the unspoken, yet loud presence of fate between two. I was at that in-between point of having an intense connection with someone and the heartbreaking realization that it was never going to turn in to what I thought it could. It made no sense, it still doesn’t. But I know there’s a deeper reason behind everything that happens. And through writing this, I reminded myself of that.”

The track is the first offering from her upcoming debut EP Answers.