Image via Marcellus Juvann.

Credit: Marcellus Juvann.

Following on from our Daily Discovery piece with Marcellus Juvann back in February, we’re excited to be premiering the first excerpt from his forthcoming LP The Great Escape; a track entitled “Been On.” As Marcellus told us when sharing the track, he’s looking forward to finally getting the new material he’s been working on out there and sharing his progress with fans.

“I’m really excited for my fans and new fans of mine to witness a different side of me, and to be able to continue to grow with me and my sound,” Marcellus says. “My next project will be something you will remember forever! And ‘Been On’ is a record you wont forget! Summer Anthem for the go getters!”

Eyezlow, Kountdown and Jayze produced this one, which was mixed and mastered by EliteTra. Marcellus Juvann is on top form once again—get into it below.