Image via PR

Photo by Maria Salvador

Last spring, New York based singer NAKAYA released her debut EP, Out Of Breath. It’s a collection of four songs that primarily fall in the folk genre, with NAKAYA’s soulful voice at the forefront. Since then though, she’s taken time away to evolve her sound. Today, we see just how far she’s grown with the release of her new single, “Lose It Too.”

The track starts with soft electronic touches, over which NAKAYA’s vocals uncurl. Yet by the time the song reaches the hook, both her voice and the production transform into something much more powerful. It’s the perfect blend of her influences, marrying together the styles of R&B, soul, pop, and electronica in a very organic way.

The slow-build nature of the song also echoes the slow-build nature of the subject of the song: desire. “A lot of love we see in the media is reciprocated, but I’ve had many experiences of unrequited love that are simply out of my control,” NAKAYA explains. “You learn to create a heightened allure to the one you want to be with, regardless of it’s truth. As I wrote the song, I began to recognize these feelings, without growing overwhelmed by them.”