There’s no questioning the fact that we have become a society that not only enjoys technology, but the majority of us are quite dependent on it as well. There comes a time of awareness when it feels necessary to try to unplug yourself from this technology co-dependency.

For his new single “Handheld GPS,” Berkley, California-native Rexx Life Raj expresses how although we can find everything we need at the touch of a button, many still struggle to find themselves. The Julia Lewis-produced track opens up with a sweet, relaxed tone before an additional bounce is embedded into the rhythm to grab listeners’ full attention.

Rexx Life Raj admits that writing “Handheld GPS” felt like a purge for him. “I talk about how everyone is hella lost in their phones,” he explained. “Which have access to all the info in the world, but are still confused and trying to figure life out.” But Raj isn’t just pointing fingers at everyone else, this track is a bit of self-reflection. “This track is just me figuring things [out] through writing. These type of tracks just figure themselves out, which is ironic.”

“Handheld GPS” is taken from the rapper’s upcoming Father Figure project, which is due out on June 24. Listen below.