Chance The Rapper has been keeping himself incredibly busy ever since the release of Coloring Book, having just announced the Coloring World Tour this past month. With the success of the release, especially with it making its debut on the Billboard 200, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s happy with how it’s performed. During a recent talk with Zane Lowe, Chance talked about how the project all came together, and he mentioned in passing that a number of artists had recorded material for the record that never made the cut.

Of the artists he mentioned, he said that Big Sean, Jeremih, and J. Cole among others had recorded verses for Coloring Book. He mentioned how those tracks couldn’t go on the release because record labels wouldn’t give their approval of said artists appearing on Coloring Book, for whatever reason. Now, one of the tracks that didn’t make the end product has surfaced online with “Living Single,” which features Big Sean, Jeremih, and St. Louis’ Smino. The track hasn’t officially been released, and it remains to be seen how someone got a hold of this, but for now the track is available to listen to on YouTube.

Listen to “Living Single” via Complex.