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Image via PR

Here are the facts about Charlotte Cardin: she is a model-turned-singer from Montreal. But while that background information is helpful in painting a picture about Cardin, it’s not what you need to know about her. What you really need to know about the French-Canadian singer is that she’s got a voice that’ll make you stop whatever you’re doing, and listen.

Her first song, “Big Boy,” premiered almost exactly a year ago, and since then Cardin has been delivering one impressive song after another. Now, that work is culminating in her debut EP, Big Boy. The project includes the few songs she’s released already, a few new ones, and a couple of live tracks which only further confirm how powerful her voice is.

Big Boy also showcases a range of different styles. On some songs, Cardin explores a more jazzy and soulful vibe. On others, she slows things down to deliver an emotive pop ballad. “I always listened to a lot of Celine Dion, so the pop vibes and ballads probably come from her,” she explains. Regardless of the genre, Cardin handles the track with the confidence of someone far more experienced. She knows when to let the song breath and, adversely, when to let her voice steer. It’s this natural ability that shines throughout the six songs, making Big Boy¬†worth paying attention to.

I read you were initially modeling before you decided to switch career paths and start making music. What caused that shift?
Modeling was always more of a “day job” than a passion for me. There was no real shift between both, because I always knew modeling was temporary. When I decided I wanted to do music for a living, it was natural for me to phase modeling out of my life a little bit. I still do it from time to time, but music definitely is my priority.

From what you’ve released so far, you explore a huge range of styles. Some songs are more soulful, some more jazzy, and others more poppy; but all feel very natural for you. What artists have influenced you to come to this diverse sound?
I always listened to a lot of Celine Dion, so the pop vibes and ballads probably come from her. The rest is a huge mix of many artists I admire, from Radiohead to James Blake to Jean Leloup, and many others.

On that same idea, who do you listen to or love that would surprise us?
I love Kendrick Lamar. I’m also an Alt-J fan. I recently rediscovered Charles Aznavour and Alain Souchon, so I have been listening to them a lot.

You collaborated with Montreal rapper Husser on “Like It Doesn’t Hurt.” How did that collaboration come about?
It was a very spontaneous collaboration. Husser coincidentally heard the demo of the song at the studio and suggested writing a verse to it. I was super into the idea and the first (and only!) verse idea he showed me was the one we took for the song.

On this EP, you decided to add two live tracks. Why were these important to include?
My team and I decided to include live videos of two songs because we thought it would add a little something extra to the EP. Personally, I always liked hearing live versions of songs.

Will there be a tour behind the EP, or are you going to go back into the studio to focus on finishing your album? If so, when can we expect the album?
The album is expected to come out early 2017. We have a bunch of shows coming up, but we’re also planning on going back into the studio to add new songs to the album. So a bit of both :)