With a background as diverse as that of New York singer and producer AM!R, it's no wonder that his music touches on the best elements of a broad range of appealing aesthetics.

The half-Egyptian, half-Irish American talent has previously worked with acts like Sia and Panic! At The Disco, so cite that fact to those who dare doubt AM!R's versatility. AM!R boasts a captivating electric soul sound that first caught our ear on previous single "Design," which was a sexy romp, equal parts neo R&B and gospel. Now, ahead of the release of his debut EP, AM!R returns with "Parachute," a pained and powerful love letter Prince would have likely admired.

"I was in an incredible relationship that slowly and brutally crumbled," AM!R told us of the song, which was co-produced by 1-900 (of ASTR). "She was my best friend and we were in some heavy love together. So towards the end, it was hard for me to wrap my head around where we went wrong, what should have happened, who was to blame. 'Parachute' is me saying, 'You had me falling forever, and I can't believe it's over.'"

Listen to "Parachute" below.