Boston's hometown hero Cousin Stizz released his sophomore project MONDA just last month, but he's already ready to put out even more new music for his fans. Today he shares a track titled "Living Like Khaled" where he boasts about enjoying this better life that he's worked so hard for.

Similar to nearly every song from Stizz, "Living Like Khaled" features a beat and a hook that are simultaneously relaxed but undeniably catchy. The production provided by frequent collaborator Tee-WaTT is hazy with a very subtle bounce—the results feel perfectly made for the end of a long summer day.

Stizz completes the track with verses about goals of wanting to "cop cribs out in Calabasas," living luxurious like DJ Khaled, and being able to see through all the fake things that come along with the music industry. His lifestyle may be changing, but he remains the same humble kid from Boston.

Listen to "Living Like Khaled" below.