NYC's Hot Sugar made a name for himself through his unique approach to sampling and his distinct, one of a kind sound. Thanks to his work with the likes of Antwon, Heems, and many more, his music has garnered him a cult following of sorts. Alongside his bizarre but always entertaining online persona, which includes a particularly amazing feature he wrote for Noisey as part of their The Selfie Files series, Hot Sugar certainly has it down with the visual side of his art, too.

Over the years he's released a number of fan favorite Seductive Nightmares mixtapes, and now he's returning with his third release in the series. Comprising of remixes and original songs, the mixtapes make brilliant use of his idiosyncratic aestehtic with a constant stream of delightful sounds. Seductive Nightmares 3 is no different in that regard, representing the best of his abilities in a succinct 45 minutes.

Listen to the full mixtape below.