Jack Grace broke every rule in the songwriting book with his excellent debut single "Hills" last year. The song smashed through the traditional structures we've trained our ears to expect every time we press play on a new Soundcloud embed. "Hills" was a refreshingly off-kilter, genre-less journey that kept us at the edge of seat around every turn. To say the least, the Sydney singer/producer had our full attention.

Now, finally, the follow-up is here. At first glance, it would be understandable why someone could label Grace's new single "All Lost" as a piano ballad. But, like "Hills," it reveals itself as so much more over as it reveals itself over a three-minute runtime. A crispy breakbeat, soaring synthesizers, and electronic squeals accompany the traditional vocal/piano combination in all the right places—putting a fascinating modern twist on what you'd expect from the "piano ballad" structure. Wow. He's two for two.