With an upbeat, lighthearted nature running through much of Pell's music, a colorful animated video was a natural next step as he looked to extend his streak of excellent visuals. After dropping "Show Out" and "Basic Beach" earlier this summer, the New Orleans rapper reached out to animator Aaron Keuter to pull off a retro-themed double video for the tracks.

"I started digging around, looking at some old jazz and funk album covers, and found a lot of it had a really fun Pop Art kind of feel, rich with rigid, imperfect geometry and a kind of drab, earth-toned coloration," Keuter tells P&P of his inspiration for the first half of the video. "But pretty soon, Pell and his team decided to go with a medley of the two songs 'Show Out' and 'Basic Beach,' which just made shit even more fun."

That sense of fun shines throughout the short clip, highlighted by a not-so-subtle barracuda innuendo during "Basic Beach."

"Perhaps it’s telling of me and my personality that what delights me the most about this video is a pretty simple dick joke," Keuter explains. "I mean, it’s Pell’s double-entendre that makes that great, I just created the exact scenario he mentions in the song, while also trying to include a slight pop culture reference to the iconic Coppertone ad."