Avid Netflix binge watchers have been raving about the new series Stranger Things ever since its release last month. Aside from the attention-grabbing plot, the series has also become known for its great song selection. A soundtrack including the original music featured in the series was recently released. A playlist gathering all of the songs heard throughout the series can also be currently found on Spotify.

However, it's not just the score of the new series that is turning heads. The actors from Stranger Things have been displaying their own musical talents as well. Just a few weeks ago, we heard Millie Bobby Brown—the actress who plays Eleven—singing covers of songs by both Amy Winehouse and Adele.

Now we're met with a new video, this time by actor Finn Wolfhard—who plays Mike Wheeler. Wolfhard recently took his personal Twitter account to share a video of himself playing a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium." The Twitter video is quite short, but it's clear to see that this kid's got some talent. Here's hoping that he shares more soon.

Watch Wolfhard's short cover below, and Nirvana's original version beneath it.