There certainly isn't a lack of artists making smooth soul and R&B influenced music with a modern electronic twist, but when done right, it is always an utterly enchanting combination. West London's Abi Ocia gets it totally right on "Running," a debut solo release which puts her vocals and songwriting talent on full display.

Starting singing in the church as a kid before experimenting with a guitar and her brother's keyboard, Abi has been honing her skills for some time. This song, however, is special. "It definitely felt like a step up in my development as a songwriter," she explains. "I wanted to explore an inner dialog with myself, following a journey of seeking out something greater than what you are used to, even if it means purging yourself of things you hold dear."

Plugged in listeners might recognize her voice from a previous feature on producer Draper's song "Home," but the gentler "Running" suits her warm, honeyed voice even better. Draper worked on "Running" too, with co-production by Mkulu, but it's Abi Ocia's name that will stick with you long after the song has ended.