Andy Milonakis warned us that this was on the way. He wasn't joking. While reading hate comments on a Monday, Milonakis was inspired to create, and over a blissful beat produced by Hafu, he gets poetic about getting head to Drake songs. "Tattoo on my dick, I know you won't hate," Milonakis raps matter-of-factly, "It says, 'If you're reading this, it's too late.'" Beautiful.

"Sometimes your music choice is conducive to getting head," Milonakis tells us. "The Weeknd is an obvious choice but I find that's more for traditional sex. If you're talking about the oral variety, the 6 god is perfect. I tried my hand at a few 'serious' melodic songs, but it was missing a big piece of me which is the comedic element."