For the past couple of years, New Jersey native Angelo Mota temporarily took a break from rapping to try his hand at producing for others. But recently he finally decided to step back into the foreground with the release of his single "Oath" last month. Now he's back with yet another track titled "All Over You."

For his latest track, Mota recruits Boston rapper Michael Christmas to add an additional flare to the bouncy track. Producing the track himself, Mota speeds up the tempo just enough to encourage listeners to get themselves moving. He initially made the song with intentions of sending it to Rihanna but after sending it over to his own managers, they all agreed to keep it. Summer may be coming to a close, but with the release of bubbly singles like this as the temperatures continue to reach 90 degrees, it feels like we can make the season stretch just a bit longer.

Listen to "All Over You" below.