Using a system called Flow Machines, scientists at Sony's CSL research laboratory have composed the first two songs ever to be made entirely by artificial intelligence. The Flow Machines software creates tracks by learning an enormous database of music and combining various elements of the stored tracks. The database is called LSDB and contains roughly 13,000 lead sheets from various composers. While the bulk of the stored content is pop and jazz, it also encompasses Broadway, Brazilian, and various other styles. To create a song, a musician selects a style or artist from the database, and Flow Machines generates a score accordingly.

The system is capable of composing music across all genres, and its latest output is a pop song reminiscent of The Beatles. The two tracks, "Daddy's Car" and "Mr. Shadow," were arranged and produced by Benoît Carré, who also wrote the lyrics. They were processed by Flow Machines. The songs were then mixed and mastered by professional engineers, as Flow Machines does not have mixing and mastering capabilities at the current time.

Since its creation earlier this year, Flow Machines has been showcased at various music and technology conferences worldwide. The software will certainly play a fascinating role in the future of the music industry.

Listen to "Daddy's Car" above and the Irving Berlin-inspired "Mr. Shadow" below.