Cadenza, Jorja Smith, and Dre Island are a dream team on "People," each bringing a totally different set of skills to the table. The end result is unique and, on first listen, surprising. Producer Cadenza kicks things off with a reggae bounce before rising London singer Jorja Smith comes in with a smooth but mournful performance. Even the mid-song breakdown gives no hint as to the crazy jungle workout that hits before the song is done.

Cadenza impressed us with his ability to meld musical worlds and genres with the pounding "No Drama," which placed British rapper Avelino alongside Jamaican dancehall artist Assassin, and he's done it again here. The standout song now has an equally impressive video that doesn't try to do too much, and is all the better for it.

"Given all the injustice that's been happening across America towards black people, this song, which we had written months before, started to feel increasingly relevant," Cadenza explains. "We kept the additional actors to a minimum in this video. We didn't want to film some mad mob scene, because the point is: It only takes a few people to stand up for what is right."

Watch the video above, and below, check out some exclusive shots of Cadenza, in a new t-shirt which you can buy here.

Photos by Vicky Grout, styled by Daisy Deane