Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore make up the duo Cosmos & Creature, and they've got a hit on their hands with "Young." Both Burnette and Moore have experience in the industry—Burnette wrote multiple charting singles for acts like Hedley and Jake Miller, and Moore has built up a solid following with a solo career of her own. As Cosmos & Creature, they perfect a modern pop sound with their radio-ready debut "Young." It's lively, relatable, ridiculously catchy, and I can't stop humming it.

"'Young' was created out of a period of wonder & excitement in NYC," Burnette says. "It's the first song we officially wrote for the project. Influenced by an era of anthemic '90s pop, we blend electronic, soul & alternative elements to create the soundscape for our stories. Cosmos & Creature is inspired by our contemplation of self & our place in the universe."

"We wrote Young as a nostalgic tribute to the past that also embraces now," adds Moore. "It's easy to live in a memory, but ultimately to evolve in life is to learn from what you've been through & forge forward."

Listen to "Young" below.