A computer science major who grew up online and launched his career through digital means, Atlanta-rasied rapper Daye Jack knows a thing or two about the internet—a fact he uses to his full advantage on his new Surf The Web EP. 

"The EP is about telling the story of a kid who grew up in the internet age where you find out how to dress on a blog, find a girl by sliding in the DMs and blow up as a music artist by uploading songs on SoundCloud," he told The FADER.

Continuing his habit of mixing the sounds of funk, soul, and r&b into an inventive hip-hop stew, the EP plays on his diverse tastes as a teenager. "I went back to a lot of my earlier inspirations and things I was listening to when I was 13 like Eminem's Relapse, Justin Timberlake's Justified, and Outkast," he explained. 

Coming across just as comfortable delivering ferocious verses over a heavy hip-hop beat on "Raw" as he does crooning on the silky "Bullshit" hook, Daye Jack flexes his impressive range throughout the project. Listen via Spotify below.