One of the few artists signed to Quality Control Records (home to Lil Yachty, Migos, OG Maco) who doesn't live in Atlanta, Chicago's Jayaire Woods makes up for geographical location with style. Full of melodic raps over rumbling club-ready beats, his new mixtape FREETHEFALL fits in nicely next to the best work coming from his Atlanta peers. The project's sole guest, Lil Yachty, sounds very much at home spitting a quick braggadocious verse alongside Woods on "Man of the Year."

In a hip-hop landscape where melody and interesting vocal choices matter more than ever, the unique tonal quality in Woods' delivery sets him apart. Originally impressing us with excellent soulful vocal performances on tracks like "Toolong" and "2 Shoes," he shows range on FREETHEFALL—pushing himself to approach the project with a new energy.

"It's some real freelance shit, unlike my last tape that was real conceptual," Woods tells Complex. "This one I really tried to make it fun."