It's been proven again and again that great things take time. This common phrase is proven once again with the release of JK The Reaper's latest single "Dressed 2 Kill." The young North Carolina rapper explains that he recording this song three or four times and mixed it several different ways before ending up with what he's sharing today.

JK The Reaper says that the song already existed, and was seemingly finished, before Kaytranada showed interest in getting involved. During a show at Miami's Art Basel last year, Denzel Curry invited JK to perform an unreleased version of their collaboration. "During my performance of the unreleased record, I look over and see Denzel on my left, as expected, I look over to my right and see Kaytranada who had came from behind the DJ Booth to vibe out to the song with us," he explains. "At that moment I know this song had to be heard by you guys."

With Kaytranada on board to produce the final version of their single, "Dressed 2 Kill" is transformed into a track that dances a fine line between having an alluring, subtle bounce and a menacing energy. JK The Reaper and Denzel Curry have displayed the balance of their chemistry before at our AirP&P for SXSW, and this time around their collaboration is taken to a new height as it's layered over Kaytranada's production.

Listen to "Dressed 2 Kill" below.