It's been over nine months since Brockhampton's Kevin Abstract shared the filmic music video for "Echo," the first single from his second full-length album, American Boyfriend. Initially titled They Shoot Horses, the album has been a long time coming, but now it's looking as if Kevin is finally gearing up to share his uncompromising vision with the world. After performing the song live in support The Neighbourhood earlier this year, and continually teasing the track on his Twitter, Kevin has returned to the spotlight with "Empty."

Produced by Michael Uzowuru—who recently produced a decent chunk of Frank Ocean's Blonde and Endless—​alongside Brockhampton's own Jeff Kleinman and Romil Hemnani, "Empty" is Kevin's boldest take on pop so far. While on tour with The Neighbourhood earlier this year, Kevin told us, “The new album is more accessible and more diverse." Judging from what we've heard of the album so far, it's easy to see what he means.

Alongside the release of the new song, Kevin has shared the gorgeously shot video for the track. Produced by Yours Truly and directed by Kevin himself, the video for "Empty" is the best showcase of Kevin's distinct vision thus far. The art direction on display here is second to none, and there's a sense this is a very special moment for him.

Watch the stunning video for "Empty" above.