A few weeks ago Andy Milonakis blessed the web with the funny yet hypnotic "Drake Songs." What is "Drake Songs" about you ask? Getting head to Drake songs, of course. 

"Sometimes your music choice is conducive to getting head," Milonakis tells us. "The Weeknd is an obvious choice but I find that's more for traditional sex. If you're talking about the oral variety, the 6 God is perfect. I tried my hand at a few 'serious' melodic songs, but it was missing a big piece of me which is the comedic element."

Now we finally have a visual for the song. Milonakis does his best Drake impression by flipping a pancake, breaking a good girl's heart, and then getting a three-way blowjob which I'm sure Drake has experienced in his Calabasas castle. Watch the video above and maybe consider getting your own Drake mask. It seems to work wonders for Andy.