In the past few years, brotherly duo Parker and Marshall Mulherin have been working to create passionate R&B tracks that feel effortlessly smooth. The two, who produce and write everything themselves, are currently perfecting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP, but ahead of that EP's release the duo plans to serve up a few loose singles as a bit of an appetizer before the main course. Today they share their newest single titled "Leagues."

For "Leagues," Mulherin deliver a steady building single about the trust issues that can form when things start to feel too good to be true. "It's really about how surprising mutual feelings can be," Parker explains. "And then how that surprise can turn to distrust the more you know someone." The piano-led track begins softly with just a few notes. As the track goes on, the production soon blossoms into more—setting the tone for the storytelling that takes place. 

Listen to “Leagues” below.