We can't get enough of Twelve'len. The Florida singer blew us away with "Star Dust" and we can't wait for his upcoming project FRI(END)S, which should be out very soon.

In the meantime, Twelve'len has collaborated with Twelve Tales, a Miami-based production duo who provide a sparkling, shimmering backdrop for his smooth vocals on "Unusual Ventures." There's a little less of the rock and soul influence that we heard on "Star Dust," but Twelve'len proves that he can kill it over electronic production too.

"Unusual Ventures" comes from III Points' Swerving Serpents compilation, which focuses on Miami’s underground music scene with four-tracks showcasing local artists who will be performing at III Points festival. The compilation paired the artists up in 10K Islands Little Haiti studio, and gave them weed, pizza, and creative freedom for 48 hours.

"Making the record was different and very fun," Twelve'len tells us. "To be able to run around a huge studio and pick up whichever instruments I wanted and produce something with two talented producers like Twelve Tales was insane. The record's lyrics are just a venture of me fighting my inner self, wanting to be less of it. Wanting to be less conscious because I found myself in depression because of all the awareness received making things less fun in life. This song makes me happy because it's a window to how I feel in these moments of happiness, like a photograph."

III Points festival goes down October 7-9 in Miami with performances from LCD Soundsystem, Cam'ron, Redman & Method Man, Vince Staples, and lots of local Florida artists. See the full lineup here and buy tickets here.