Fresh off the release of his fantastic new EP Prima Donna, as well as its accompanying short film of the same name, Vince Staples stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. to perform one of the highlights from the recently released EP. Performing alongside The Roots, Vince chose "Smile," Vince showcased his precision when it comes to rapping in a live environment, and sounded particularly good with a live band backing him.

He also produced a short digital segment for the show's YouTube channel, detailing his first concert. Vince says his first show was a Diana Ross concert, explaining, "I went with my mother and my grandmother because it was Mother's Day." He continued, "There were drunk elderly people and there were food options. I had never been to a concert with food options and dining tray tables, which makes it the best concert I've been to in my life. And she did all the hits."

When asked about how he feels regarding one of his live shows being someone's first concert, he responded, "I feel like children should not be allowed admission to my concerts at certain times, because sometimes I get very vulgar and very dangerous. But send your kids and bring me your money."

Watch him perform "Smile" above, and watch him talk about his first concert experience below.