24hrs' aesthetic is not one that you can easily pinpoint as the Atlanta-based enigma toys with darkly tinged production and alien-like filters. "Stylist" was our first taste of his unique sound, and he's since shown that he's more than capable of crafting catchy, addictive songs. Now, after dropping a number of hits over the past six months (including his debut EP Open)24hrs has finally shared a set of visuals for the APEX-produced single.

With "Stylist" soundtracking the subtle and mysterious clip, a Yakuza member lies in bed with his lover, the two locked in their own world of love, lust, and drugs. Not all as it seems, though, as the two receive an unexpected visitor. The Daydreamr-directed clip is a short one, but it's one that will have your undivided attention until the end.

Watch the video for 24hrs' "Stylist" above.