We've continued to carefully collect the best new mixes streaming right now, to make sure you meet the coming cold months with some extra heat in your pocket.

This time around, it ranges from Kaytranada's killer 0.001% mix to Teki Latex's 100% Radio Hits throwback, with a 99.999% certainty you'll like something in-between. There's a new one from Nightmares on Wax, a cool collection of recordings from Ryan Hemsworth, as well as a sunrise set recently shared by Tycho.

There's plenty more below, so stop reading and start listening to the latest and greatest.

Kaytranada: 0.001% Mix

Kaytranada's 0.001% mix—comprised of "beats, loops, remixes and sounds made during the process of 99.9%"—effectively puts anyone trying to copy his signature style in their place.

With half-a-million plays clocked up in a week (of which we can only account for a thousand or so), it provides an intimate insight into the mind of Kaytranada, aka Kevin Celestin, during the recording of his debut album 99.9%. We're just thankful it wasn't hoarded on a hard drive somewhere.

Happy days!

Ryan Hemsworth: 3AM O4W

Almost like a diary you can listen to, Ryan Hemsworth's 3AM O4W mix is proudly sponsored by "summer, recordings from Atlanta, Taqueria Del Sol, sample searching, insomnia cookies," and finally "falling asleep." Blissed out R&B blends, minimal piano trap, and the sort of hip-hop that'll make your eyelids heavy all feature.

Nightmares on Wax: The EXP Tapes 86-97 – Volume 2

One of eight mixes now available to stream and download for free, the man known best as Nightmares on Wax recently shared a cache of delicious archival recordings made downstairs at his mum's place over 20 years ago.

“The NOW Experience tapes are a collection of tapes ranging from ‘86-’97 made in connection with me and my crew, the ICL posse from Leeds, which stands for Inner City Life. The members of that crew are Code Name Tee, Tozz 180, FST, Ten Ton and Thunder. We all used to practice making demos in my mum’s living room from around 87. We used a 4 track cassette and a sampler and these are some of these demo tapes. In between every session I would make these sample tapes which I called Experience...Through these tapes you’ll hear the seed, birth and ingredients of many N.O.W classics. I feel it’s time to share these with the world."

Listen to Volume 2 below via the folks at THUMP, but be sure to listen to the other seven over here.

Teki Latex: 100% RADIO HITS

If you could plug earphones directly into an imaginary auxiliary port at the back of DJ/producer Teki Latex's head, you would hear this mix, apparently.

"100% Radio Hits is the sound of the radio station that plays 24/7 inside my brain. It's about pushing my fascination for blends and superimposition one step further, and finding parallels between the music of now and the music of yesterday. It's a love letter to the bootleg days, the Hollertronix days, the Radio Soulwax days, the DJ Spinbad days. It's the feeling of listening to Radio Nostalgie in an Uber at night combined with the feeling of listening to Rinse FM on a Sunday in 2010."

Chris Read: The Low End Theory 25th Anniversary Mixtape

Not the first time we've featured a classic throwback mix from Chris Read, and if he keeps on like he's been going we doubt it'll be the last! This time it was to mark the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest's sophomore LP The Low End Theory, and with a combination of album tracks, alternative versions, interview snippets and original samples, it's almost like listening to the album anew.

"Here we go yo, here we go yo.."

Svani: Truancy Volume 156

“I made a mix that represents moving into the Norwegian fall, clinging onto the summer but realizing that the cold is here to stay," explained Svani about her rowdy mix for Truant's Truancy series. "This mix takes you up and down, and through different vibes and rhythms—just like life itself."

JKriv: Mix003 for wewillalwaysbealovesong

Whether you're being cryogenically defrosted from 1987 or getting ready to go out in 2016, both situations could probably do with this mix by JKriv being played in earshot to help expedite things. There's disco, there's funk, and the kind of house that makes you want to hug someone.

S U R V I V E: FACT Mix #569

Any discussion about Netflix series Stranger Things lasting longer than ten seconds seems to draw on how the score was crucial in evoking a particularly compelling, yet haunting atmosphere on the show.

Thanks, then, is largely due to the dudes known as S U R V I V E for creating the show's synth-heavy sounds. In this instance however, it's their mix for FACT Magazine that's recently caught our attention; ideal for weeknight chilling or to soundtrack the first couple hours of every "Stranger Things Halloween" party inevitably taking place in the next few weeks.

Tycho: Burning Man Sunrise Set

Yes, yes, we know we can't truly know what it was like if we weren't there...but if listening to a live mix from Tycho from the convenience of your own home sounds more appealing than traveling to a festival in the desert to have heard it first hand, you are in luck.

"Thanks to everyone who made this morning so special. Thanks to Clarke and the Dusty Rhino crew for having me. Special thanks to my brother Dane for all the help."

DJ Food: Solid Steel Radio Show Mix

Solid Steel and Ninja Tune staple DJ Food forked over an hour of futuristic funk for the latest episode in the Solid Steel series. Little surprise to find a dizzying blend of breaks, robots, hip-hop, and acid all crammed into the hour slot.


Yaroze Dream Suite: Yaroze Dream Mix

Beautiful, meditative brilliance from Mr Mitch and Yamaneko, who are making music together as Yaroze Dream Suite. Both known for their experiments and abstractions of instrumental grime, as Yaroze Dream Suite they're more likely to put you in a trance than get you turned up. Perfect weekend listening.