Our introduction to genre-defying Australian artist BLESSED was with the song "Sorrows," and that was enough to name him one of our favorite new artists in September, but he just leveled up. "Insanity" features powerful, layered production (he produces his own music), introspective lyrics, and unforgettable songwriting. BLESSED has called it his favorite song off his upcoming EP, and it's ours too.

"'Insanity' was inspired by the thought that another person could fill an emptiness inside you, emptiness that the world tries so hard to hide," BLESSED tells us. "Finding and losing that would be like you lose a part yourself. Making this song, I felt like an emotional connection through the writing and production, as well as raw honesty was the best way for people to feel and not only hear the music.

"The repetitive melody and lyrics are almost like the effects of being crazy and the motion of the song carries you through the ups and downs. Confessing heavy feels over passionate rhythms is how I communicate. I want people listening to take that journey with me, almost like a film playing in my mind thats being scored by my music. If you feel crazy sometimes just know that you're not the only one fam."

Keep up with BLESSED on his official website, where you can also watch the trailer for the "Insanity" video.