Bristol-born, London-based producer Conducta is keeping the timeless sounds of UK garage fresh in 2016 with his bright productions, and his latest release is "Still You." The track features Lifford, the voice of Artful Dodger's 2000 garage hit "Please Don't Turn Me On," and he delivers another stellar performance here, dancing over the beat with his warm, rich vocals. 

"On this track, I wanted to be able to marry the roots of soulful garage with more modern elements, so that it could still go off in a club," Conducta explains. "Gararge isn’t just for the weekends. It can be so broad, as it incorporates the best of UK music culture.” He's right, and the result of his approach is a song that's more "Gabriel" than "Re-Rewind."

Check out the track below and listen to more from Conducta on his SoundCloud here.