Earlier this month, Nashville-based artist Conner Youngblood came to our office in New York City. The plan was to shoot a performance to be streamed live on Facebook. Conner came with an arsenal of instruments (he plays at least a dozen different instruments), microphones, pedals, and equipment with lots of knobs, buttons, and wires.

It took at least an hour to get everything plugged in and set up, and the minute we went live, we realized that the audio wasn't getting picked up properly. We took another hour trying to figure it out, and eventually came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to work. We asked Conner if he'd want to do something quick for social media instead, and he grabbed his acoustic guitar, sat on a bean bag chair, and performed this cover of Bob Seger's "Like A Rock." It was shot on an iPhone, and you can hear people slamming doors and walking in and out of the room during the shoot. It's not at all what we had planned, but it's too good not to share.

Watch Conner cover "Like A Rock" above, and hear his new single "Sulphur Springs" below.