London artist Couros has been making quite the name for himself as he blends aggressive electronica with down-tempo, melodic soul. He's developed a signature sound with songs like "Turning" and "Cold Feet," and now fans will be excited to hear the hypnotic charge that this new single brings. Today, he is here to premiere "Breathe Again," the latest record from his forthcoming four track EP. This track is as soothing as it is aggressive, and will be sure to find a place in your daily rotation.

Speaking on the record, Couros told us, "Around the time when "Breathe Again" was written I felt like a lot of new music I was hearing being released sounded very clean and polite. I wanted to make something feel more aggressive and in your face. This song is kind of about an imperfect relationship and it has a deliberately imperfect sound to match."​

Check out "Breathe Again" below.