EMI (one of the best new artists of 2016) was set to debut her new single on Travis Scott's .wav radio show on Beats 1 this afternoon, but when a scheduling issue got in the way, she couldn't wait and uploaded it to SoundCloud herself. We can see why: she has another addicting single on her hands. Produced by Rex Kudo, Sevn Thomas and EMI herself, the song quite literally sees EMI getting her dynamic sound "down to a science."

In the same vein as previous singles like "Hit Me" and "Sip It Slow," EMI effortlessly slides over woozy bass-heavy production with a swaggering vocal performance consistent with the rebellious personality she's been showing flashes of since introducing herself back in February. Or as she puts it: "Aye Bill Nye, I got a new theme song for you." Listen below.