Short though it may be, Los Angeles-based, Baltimore-bred producer/singer Goldwash's LDR EP packs in plentiful ideas and textures for hungry ears. The 22-year-old refers to his music as "existential funk," which feels like a cheeky evasion of the "electronic" silo, but does speak to the blend of sounds on LDR, a wide if surprisingly cohesive broad stroke that covers Goldwash's roots as a jazz pianist and love of Baltimore Club, indie R&B, and, as its name suggests, a bit of philosophical dread and questioning.

Most of the above is theory that washes away as soon as the EP's opening one-two punch of "Honest" and "Separate" puts the thesis in motion. Texture and sonic adventurism bow in the service of bearing emotional truth.

"This EP comes from a strange emotional place," Goldwash says via email. "I wrote it when I started to see the writing on the wall just before the end of a long-distance relationship. I hope the music tells the story in a way that just my words can’t, expressing that same odd feeling and sense of place."