Ever since Jack Grace first released "Hills" back in summer 2015, we've been waiting for a full project from the Australian singer-songwriter and producer.

Now we finally have River, Grace's debut EP. The project was released yesterday in typically reclusive fashion, slipping on to SoundCloud without much fanfare. The only tracks to be released prior to the release of the EP were "Hills" and "All Lost," both of which were gorgeously subversive and off-kilter. 

The rest of the project is as compelling and intriguing as those tracks would lead you to believe, with bleeping electronic samples set next to pop choruses, leaving the listener completely compelled in guessing which direction the music will go. The best example of this might be on "Save You," where a dark pulsating synth suddenly gives way to Jack Grace's fragile vocals. His voice is reminiscent of Radiohead's Thom Yorke, in equal measures fragile, reflective and wistful. 

The EP is simultaneously beautiful and unnerving, with intensity and reflection constantly juxtaposed. Stream River below: