During the latest installment of The Inbox earlier this week, the episode was closed out with “War” by LB199x which immediately caught the attention of everyone in the room, as well as the viewers at home watching live. The single—featuring another rising talent, Florida’s Marcellus Juvann—is an undeniable heater that showcases the up and comer’s talent, and serves as a preview of what else he has to offer.

Today on his own birthday, LB199x celebrates with the release of his full-length project Higher Art. With just one listen, it's easy to acknowledge that this young D.C.-raised, Orlando-based rapper has a lot of potential. However, at this early stage in his career he already sounds like he knows exactly what he's doing and has full control of his sound. 

Although every track on Higher Art features bass-heavy production that is sure to make speakers knock, it’s not just mindless party music. The entire projects plays out as a perfectly crafted and cohesive listen as LB uses his lyrics to tell stories about working past hardships, growing up in this cruel world, and staying thankful for the blessings he has. "The album is for the soul,” says LB. “It stimulates the mind and expresses freedom. This is what art does, it raises your consciousness."  

Listen to Higher Art in full below.