Maggie Rogers' "Alaska" made a massive impact earlier this year, racking up millions of plays (17 million on Spotify alone) after thoroughly impressing Pharrell during a video shot at NYU. The song was a breakthrough moment for the young songwriter, and convinced us that Maggie is one of the most promising new artists to emerge in 2016.

The new Zia Anger-directed video captures the essence of "Alaska" perfectly, touching on the earthy folk aspects of the song and then bringing flashing lights and a dance party into the forest to speak to the more electronic/pop elements.

“When I had been hiking in summers after Alaska, I had been creating a natural sample bank of birds, noises," Maggie told us earlier this year. "A good chunk of the rhythm in the song started from me just patting a rhythm on my jeans. That sample is the main rhythm. Me snapping in a room. I wanted to make dance music, or pop music, feel as human as possible.”

Watch the video for Maggie Rogers' "Alaska" above, and read more about it here.