A few years ago  showed her love for '90s pop music by covering the Spice Girls classic, "Say You'll Be There." Despite how good her cover is, it's probably safe to say that she never thought she'd ever get the chance to perform it with one of the ACTUAL Spice Girls. 

That changed last night though when the singer was joined on stage with Mel C (aka Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls) who helped her bring her cover to life. "Only one show left on my UK tour and it's my biggest ever!!! I'm FREAKING OUT but I try to keep it cool (lol it's not working) SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT," she wrote on her Instagram before the show.

According to the description of the video uploaded to YouTube, when the two started in on the song, the crowd lost it. Their rendition is much closer to MØ's slowed-down, modern version than the poppy, uptempo original.

After the show, Mel C shared a sweet Instagram praising the singer. "Tonight I had the honour of sharing a stage @roundhouseldn with this incredible woman @momomoyouth. She slayed #songs #vocals #energy #attitude. She was inspired by the Spice Girls as a kid now she inspires me. #proud #girlpower."