Pharrell's production and composing abilities have always been well known, but in the last few years he's taken a bigger step into the world of film and has shown that he's got a great knack for creating songs that bring more life to movies. In 2013, Pharrell landed himself a massive hit with his single "Happy," taken from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, now he returns with a single for new film.

Today Pharrell shares his latest release "Runnin'," taken from the soundtrack of the upcoming film Hidden Figures. This new single continues down the same vein as the cheerful songs he created for the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack and score. With the film set in the late '60s, "Runnin'" dives into that era with a relaxed swing that listeners can snap along to.

Aside from sharing new music this week, Pharrell will be appearing at ComplexCon next week (November 5—6) in Long Beach, California to share some wisdom. If you'd like to be in attendance for this special event, be sure to grab some tickets here.

Listen to "Runnin'" below.