At only 14 years old, Florida-based rapper/singer Rayy Dubb went viral earlier this year when a clip of him singing in the back seat of a car started spreading on social media. The song featured in the clip was the undeniably catchy "You Lied," and the new visuals are a far cry from the amateur phone footage that introduced Rayy Dubb to the world. He's looking the part of a rap star now, and he's got the backing of Interscope.

Talking to us in July, Rayy Dubb explained why he thinks the song went viral: "It’s more because of the girls. I think the girls relate to it more, but I don’t really know. It might just be my voice." When we asked what has been on his mind since the song started taking off, he didn't hesitate: "I’m going to get a lot of girls!"​

Watch the "You Lied" video above.