Remember the name Rico Nasty—the DMV-based artist is gaining fans by the handful with her bright, sunny, salacious rhymes, and she just got a major cosign.

Lil Yachty hopped on the remix of "Hey Arnold," and he fits with Rico Nasty's style perfectly. She calls her sound "sugar trap," a combination of sing-song melodies and lawlessness that, true to its name, is a blast of bubbly pop production with a dark side. The "Hey Arnold" remix follows on the heels of Rico's "iCarly" (sensing a theme?) and August's Sugar Trap mixtape.

But this is some of her best work yet—Yachty and Rico trade Auto-tuned bars about bankrolls and their hopeless exes over Jaytrill's booming beat. They're a killer combination, a culmination of a friendship that started before the fame: "I met Yachty through Twitter early 2015," Rico said. "He was cool as hell then once the fame hit he didn't let it change him, so when I asked him to hop on the remix it went up from there. That's my dawg."

Listen to the remix below, then check out the original video for "Hey Arnold."