Chicago rapper Saba is currently preparing for the release of his album Bucket List Project on October 27. Ahead of its release, Saba shares his latest single "Church / Liquor Store" alongside fellow hometown artist and frequent collaborator Noname. Over smooth production from Cam O'bi, Saba and Noname speak on the harsh reality of the city they call home. 

"I think the church gives a lot of people a sense of hope, but in this case I think it's interesting because it feels more like a sense of helplessness," Saba explains to us via email. "There are so many churches, across the street from each other, next door to each other. I think a lot of us are just searching for an escape. That being church for some, that being the liquor store for others. I started writing this song when I was 19, and i finished it 3 years later. You'll hear some of the lyrics me talk about not being 21 yet, and I wanted to keep it that way to show no change has been made. What was true of the city 3 years ago is still true today. Hell what was true of the city 20 years ago is still true. The area I'm describing is the area that I and a lot of others call home, and I haven't seen one change be made in my whole time living here which has been my entire life now."

Similar to "Church / Liquor Store," Saba plans to give listeners a sonic tour of his environment and the situations that shaped him into the man he is today on his forthcoming album Bucket List Project. Days after its release, Saba also plans to bring the album face-to-face with listeners for a few select dates.

Listen to "Church / Liquor Store" below, and pre-order Bucket List Project here.