Aminé has been buzzing all summer as his single "Caroline" continues to heat up and gain popularity. Although that song is not even close to being played out, the Portland native returns today with a brand new single titled "Baba." While plenty of other rappers and singers have songs out there about their fetish with women calling them "Daddy," Aminé takes things a step further and delivers the same sentiment with a more global flare.

Using the word that means "father" in a handful of South Asian, West Asian, and African cultures—as noted by the Ethiopian and Eritrean flags shared in the caption of his Instagram post—Aminé offers up yet another fun song trying to win over a special girl he has his eye on.

On "Baba," Aminé explains why being different from the rest of the guys makes him the perfect match and brags about what he has to offer. "He buy you nice things, girl that's reckless / I rather give you my password to Netflix." If that's not winning quality for a significant other, I don't know what is.

Listen to "Baba" below.