Daft Punk's name has been in the middle of conversation all morning thanks to their contribution to The Weeknd's latest single "I Feel It Coming." However, that isn't the only new musical news surrounding the duo this week. Thanks to AV Club and a reddit page dedicated to Daft Punk, a new mash-up album combining Daft Punk with Beastie Boys that flew under the radar for two years has now been brought to our attention.

Toronto-based producer Coins fused worlds together for 2014's Daft Science mash-up album as he layered vocals from classic Beastie Boys tracks over samples from Daft Punk records. Together, the unexpected combination makes for an intriguing result that probably would have never crossed anyone's mind beforehand. Both groups are known for paving their own lane with experimental sounds, so although the thought of them together on a track seems unlikely, the pairing actually seems to make a lot of sense.

Listen to Daft Science in full below, and download it for free here.