The last time the mysterious British producer Burial released new music was all the way back in 2013 with the fantastic Rival Dealer, showcasing a stark change in direction, toying with other sounds. Revealing more of what he was capable of as a producer, there was something transformative about the EP, mostly doing away with those signature click-clack percussion he's so well known for in favor of grandiose textures and melodies.

While he's put a big focus on texture as a producer, Rival Dealer saw him pushing that element of his sound to the forefront. With Young Death / Nightmarket​, Burial has pretty much removed everything but the texture, resulting in his most ambient release to date. There's always been an ambient moment or two on his releases, but both tracks here are purely atmospheric in a way that only Burial is capable of providing. 

Listen to "Young Death" and "Nightmarket" below.