In September, Daye Jack explored the realities of being raised on the internet in his fearless, genre-defying Surf The Web EP. While he stuck to technological themes throughout the impressively cohesive project, the Atlanta-raised (Nigerian born) rapper managed to slip in other social commentary as well—most notably on standout "Bullshit."

As he delivers defiant verses about resisting the temptation to fit in order to blaze his own path, the bare-bones David Gallardo-directed video isolates Daye Jack against stark backdrops. This minimalist approach forces him to practice what he preaches. In an empty room, Daye Jack can't hide from anything—he must be himself.

"Gallardo and I went into the 'Bullshit' video wanting to make a video that matched the feeling of going against the people who are perceived to be cool and want to judge you and bring you down and tell you that you can't be yourself," Daye Jack tells P&P. "We wanted to take the things we see in a standard rap video, like the 'cute girl' and the straightforward performance footage, and challenge that. Like, fuck the 'cool kid.' Anybody can get in front of the camera and be themselves, and be the new cool."

Of course, the former NYU computer science student who ignited his career online doesn't totally stray away from his technological theme.

"I also wanted to tell the story of technology in the video, as you can see the difference between old technology and new technology," he explains. "We're all connected now and it's easy to go through the motions and hit all the bullet points to be accepted, but what really wins is doing shit your own way and not being about the bullshit." 

Watch the video above and revisit Daye Jack’s Surf The Web EP below.