It seems as if no artists under 30 are making music that fits neatly into a category that was defined before they were born, but Irish group Hare Squead is really pushing the limits on genre-bending. That was evident on "Long Way To Go," but they drive the point home with "Herside Story."

When we talked to them earlier this year, they told us that they came up listening to Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Lil Wayne, but they were also into acts like Green Day, Pharrell, and Gym Class Heroes. That helps explain their eclectic approach to music, but it doesn't even begin to describe what it sounds like. Check out "Herside Story" below, and keep an eye out for Hare Squead—in an era where diverse reference points often meet in jarring combinations, they've managed to somehow make sense of it all in a way that's both wildly unique and pleasantly accessible.