Twelve'Len is the man. From the moment he popped up on our radar, we knew that he had great potential. He just released his debut album Fri(end)s this September and now is back with his final release of 2016.

The Carol City native bounces across multiple genres and describes his music as "rock and soul." "Natural High" is definitely a tune that leans towards the soul side as DJ Dahi provided groovy production for Twelve'Len to glide over. 

Describing the process of making the record, Twelve'Len told us, "My good friend Brock sent me a few records from DJ Dahi. I’ve always been a huge fan of his so I was very excited to get on a record with him. This record is just the beginning of our venture and I can’t wait to explore more with him. This song is very personal to me, it’s about being stuck and trying to evolve and level up. Being patient and persistent. One thing I always say doesn’t mix is being broke (financially crippled) and being patient. Those two things can drive a man crazy. But with faith and in knowing like the wind you know that what you want is right there just a floor away. And everything you’ve been working for and everything you’ve been gifted with and wished for will be granted."

If these two have more collabs that sound like this, we are in for some great music. Check out "Natural High" below.