After being together for decades it can be hard for any group to keep the peace, especially when there are a lot of members involved. Things only get more difficult when creative differences and money are at the center of the group's tension. With nine members still remaining and over two decades of history together, Wu-Tang Clan finds themselves in the middle of these situations every now and again.

According to TMZ, U-God is currently suing his fellow Wu-Tang members for $2.5 million dollars. U-God claims the rest of the group has been holding him out of his fair share of their revenue for years, and now he's finally ready to do something about it. The filed documents state that U-God has contributed to nearly 200 tracks in over twenty years, however he says he has not received the proper royalties from 12 albums for the past six years.

Within the last year, Wu-Tang has had their ups and downs with music releases and even ownership, thanks to Martin Shkreli. Though Shkreli apparently bought Wu-Tang's secret album for $2 million, U-God claims he hasn't received a penny from that either. However his frustration seems to directed towards RZA more than any of the remaining members. As of right now, it's uncertain how this lawsuit will play out for U-God, or the rest of the Wu members.